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Tibetan Culture and Art Festival makes its debut in Taiwan?

MessagePosté: Ven 3 Nov 2017 17:26
de JoeClark

From hundreds of thousands to millions of Tibetan Buddhists, more than 400 Tibetan Buddhist groups, the written Tibetan prayer flags, the painted Buddha Thangka, the exquisite Buddhist instruments, are treasured by many Taiwanese. In Taiwan, Tibetan culture and arts, and religion is no longer far away in the Himalayas, but in everyday life we will be able to get close to and enjoy. To celebrate the Saga Dawa (Buddha’s month), a holy fourth month (April) of the Tibetan calendar, Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs Commission for the first time will hold the Tibetan Culture and Art Festival, will bring Taiwan a series of fascinating Tibetan culture feast.

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